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[+] Colloidal density control with Bessel–Gauss beams
C. H. Acevedo, R. Wu, J. Miller, E. Johnson & A. Dogariu, Scientific Reports 11, 12284 (2021) (2021). [DOI]
[+] Passive coagulability assay based on coherence-gated light scattering
M. Batarseh, J. R. Guzman-Sepulveda, R. Wu, W. M. DeCampli, and A. Dogariu, Hemato 1, 49 (2020). (2020). [DOI]
[+] Single-shot omnidirectional stokes polarimetry
M. Eshaghi and A. Dogariu, Optics Letters, 45(15), pp. 4340-4343 (2020). [DOI]
[+] Nonstationary intensity statistics in diffusive waves
R. Wu and A. Dogariu, Physical Review Letters, 125(4), A. 043902 (2020). [DOI]
[+] Vector wave simulation of active imaging through random media
Z. Shen and A. Dogariu, Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 37(6), pp. 908-913 (2020). [DOI]
[+] Discriminating randomly polarized fields
M. Eshaghi and A. Dogariu, Optics Letters, 45(7), pp. 1970-1973 (2020). [DOI]
[+] First-order statistics of the phase in optical vortex speckles
C. H. Acevedo, J. R. Guzman-Sepulveda, A. Dogariu, JOSA A37, 584, (2020). (2020). [DOI]
Behavior of alpha, beta tubulin in DMSO-containing electrolytes
A.P. Kalra, P. Kar, J. Preto, V. Rezania, A. Dogariu, J.D. Lewis, J.A. Tuszynski, and K. Shankar, Nanoscale Advances, 1(10), pp. 3364-3371 (2019).
[+] Polarization-encoded field measurement in subwavelength scattering
Z. Shen, S. Cui, and A. Dogariu, Optics Letters, 44(14), pp. 3446-3449 (2019). [DOI]
Polarization coherence theorem: comment
A.F. Abouraddy, A. Dogariu, and B.E.A. Saleh, Optica, 6(6), pp. 829-830 (2019).
[+] Probing complex dynamics with spatiotemporal coherence-gated DLS
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda and A. Dogariu, Applied Optics, 58(13), pp. D76-D90 (2019). [DOI]
[+] Tubulin polarizability in aqueous suspensions
J.R. Guzman-Sepulveda, R. Wu, A.P. Kalra, M. Aminpour, J.A. Tuszynski, and A. Dogariu, ACS Omega, 4(5), pp. 9144-9149 (2019). [DOI]
[+] Meaning of phase in subwavelength elastic scattering
Z. Shen and A. Dogariu, Optica, 6(4), pp. 455-459 (2019). [DOI]
[+] Spatial intensity correlations of a vortex beam and a perfect optical vortex beam
C.H. Acevedo, Y. Torres-Moreno, and A. Dogariu, Journal of the Optical Society of America A - Optics Image Science and Vision, 36(4), pp. 518-525 (2019). [DOI]
[+] Non-evolving spatial coherence function
C.H. Acevedo and A. Dogariu, Optics Letters, 43(23), pp. 5761-5764 (2018). [DOI]
[+] Multimode interference dynamic light scattering
J. R. Guzman-Sepulveda and A. Dogariu, Optics Letters, 43(17), pp. 4232-4235 (2018). [DOI]
Passive sensing around the corner using spatial coherence
M. Batarseh, S. Sukhov, Z. Shen, H. Gemar, R. Reznavi, and A. Dogariu, Nature Communications, 9, 3629 (2018). [DOI]
On the inverse problem of source reconstruction from coherence measurements
A. Beckus, A. Tamasan, A. Dogariu, A.F. Abouraddy, and G.K. Atia, Journal of the Optical Society of America A-Optics Image Science and Vision, 35(6), pp. 959-968 (2018).
[+] Guiding cellular activity with polarized light
C. Constant, A. Bergano, K. Sugaya, and A. Dogariu, Journal of Biophotonics, 11(1), UNSP e201600326 (2018). [DOI]
[+] Monte Carlo method to model optical coherence propagation in random media
Z. Shen, S. Sukhov, and A. Dogariu, JOSA A, 34(12), pp. 2189-2193 (2017). [DOI]
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